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Haringey’s SEND Information, Advice & Support Service

Every local authority has a legal duty to provide a SENDIASS to parents/carers of children with Special Educational Needs. Markfield provides this service for Haringey.

Parents and carers can access our range of support services to get the information and support they need so that their children can be happy and successful in school. We also work directly with children, young people and adults up to the age of 25 years old that have a Special Educational Need or Disability. As part of SENDIASS we run a monthly Family Club, training workshops and group talks on SEND topics.
Our Family Support Team can also offer specialist advice and information on issues such disability benefits, behaviour support, transition & adulthood and guidance on other support services you can access.

We offer face-to-face advice sessions for parents and young people to discuss concerns, prepare for meetings such as Annual Reviews, fill in forms or applications, write letters, and share information about other services. Sessions are held at Markfield and a number of schools and children’s centres in Haringey.

Call our Family Support Team Administrator to book an appointment on 0203 667 5233
Or call our helpline on 0208 802 2611

  • Mondays 9.30 to 1pm
  • Wednesdays 3.30 to 7pm
  • Thursdays 2.30 to 6pm

Independent Supporters are available to specifically help with the transition from SEN Statements to Education, Health and Care plans (EHCP) or for help requesting an EHCP assessment.

Some families may require more in-depth support during vulnerable periods of family life. We can sometimes offer a higher level of support – for example attending meetings with social services or visiting your home. Book into an advice surgery and we can discuss this with you.

As part of SENDIASS we run a monthly Family Club, training workshops for parents and are guided by our youth steering group.

“Without Markfield I wouldn’t have been able to fill in the form either for Disability Living Allowance or to request a statutory assessment for my son – now he is getting a much better education package from the Local Authority.”