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Please note:  SENDIASS is not able to help with the following issues:  Disability Living Allowance, debt advice, benefits advice and issues relating to housing – click here for information on where you can get help with these  matters.

Are you concerned about your child? They may be falling behind in their learning, or their development may be delayed due to communication or medical problems. They may be resistant to go to school due to anxiety, been excluded from school, or have behavioural issues which make life hard for them. Read our guide explaining how to get help for your child.

How to get extra help for your child at school

Haringey SEND support guidance
– this details what mainstream schools are expected to provide for children with SEND who do not have an EHC Plan.

Are you worried about your child’s development, learning, emotional well-being or behaviour?

Educational psychologists (EPs) are qualified specialists who advise schools, nurseries, parents, children and young people on a range of issues. This includes supporting children with disabilities, learning difficulties or social, emotional and mental health difficulties.

Fill in the online form below to request a free 40-minute one-to-one appointment with an educational psychologist (EP) from Haringey Educational Psychology Service.

If you need help to fill in the form please telephone us on 0203 667 5233 or email:

These appointments are available for parents/carers of children who live in Haringey or attend school in Haringey.

Please note: the appointment are for parents/carers only and are not an assessment of your child – but the EP can talk through your concerns with you, help you make a plan of action and signpost you to sources of help and support.

The appointments are in high demand and there is typically a waiting list of 2 to 4 months. You will be contacted approximately one month in advance to offer you an appointment date. Please let us know if you no longer require the appointment: email

    Request a Free appointment with an Educational Psychologist


    It is estimated that more than one in every hundred people is on the autism spectrum. If your child has a diagnosis of autism, or is waiting for an assessment, or you feel they may be on the autism spectrum, check out the links below for information about autism, how it is diagnosed, what to expect after diagnosis and the services available for autistic children and young people in Haringey.

    NHS information – what is autism

    Autism information on the Local Offer

    The Haringey Language and Autism Support Team – providing specialist advice support for autistic children in mainstream schools.

    Markfield autism information pack for parents

    Markfield autism support services for parents of children and young people on the waiting list for assessment or recently diagnosed

    National Autistic Society


    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

    NHS information – what is ADHD

    ADHD Foundation – charity with resources to support children and adults with ADHD and other neurodiverse conditions.

    You can research what support a schools provides for children with SEND by looking at their SEN Information report. All maintained (state-funded) schools are required by law to publish an SEN information report on their website, updated annually describing the implementation of their policies for providing for children with SEND.

    Nursery education in Haringey (children aged 2 to 4)

    Haringey primary and secondary schools

    Haringey 6th form schools and colleges

    Special needs schools in Haringey

    Special needs schools in north and east London

    Choosing a school for a child with special educational needs

    The process of moving schools if your child has an EHC plan

    Educating your child at home:

    Children with SEND are much more likely than their peers to be excluded from school or denied a full-time education. Read our guide explaining your rights relating to school exclusions, suspensions and part-time timetables, and what you can do if this is happening to your child. 

    The law on school exclusions relating to children with SEND

    Haringey Council information:

    Help and advice if your child is anxious about school/refusing to go: 

    The Haringey SEND Local Offer has a section with information about preparing for adulthood for young people with SEND aged 14 to 25, including getting a job, where to live, getting the right benefits, managing your health, transition and more.

    Preparing for Adulthood (14 – 25 years)

    SENDIASS can support you to raise concerns and resolve disagreements with your child’s school, the Local Authority or other professionals about the education, health and care support your child receives, or their school placement.

    Under SEND legislation local authorities have a duty to ‘have regard to the views, wishes and feelings of the child or young people and their parents’. The SEND Code of Practice says schools, nurseries and colleges should ensure decisions are informed by the insights of parents and those of children and young people themselves’.  

    Disagreements with schools:

    If you have concerns about or disagree with your child’s nursery, school or college about the support your child receives there are a number of steps you can consider:

    • Contact the school in the first instance (e.g the class teacher or the SENCO) to explain your concerns/ask questions. The name and contact details of the SENCO should be on the school website in the SEN Information Report
    • Ask for a copy of your child’s SEN Support plan
    • Ask for a meeting with the SENCO to draw up or review the SEN Support plan
    • If your child has an EHC Plan raise the concerns through the annual review. You can also ask for an early review – see above
    • Ask if the school can seek external advice and/or make referrals to specialist teams (e.g. Educational Psychology Service, Language & Autism Support Team)
    • If you cannot resolve the matter through the above steps you can use the school systems to raise concerns formally. The school website should explain how parents can make a complaint and how complaints are considered by the Head/Governing Body
    • You can pursue matters of potential disability discrimination by an education setting through the SEND Tribunal – see below.

    Disagreements with the Local Authority:

    If you disagree with a decision made by the local authority (LA) relating to an EHC needs assessment or EHC plan, or you are concerned about delays in decision-making by the LA, there are a number of ways you can address this – see below. SENDIASS can assist you with putting across your views and making complaints and appeals.

    Factsheet on mediation

    Parenting a child with special needs can bring additional pressures and challenges. If you are feeling isolated or finding it hard to cope it can help to talk to someone and connect with other parents. 

    • Contactthe national charity for parents of disabled children offers telephone appointments for parents/carers looking for emotional support

    Local parent/carer support groups in Haringey:

    • Markfield parent support drop-in – every Friday morning in school term-times, between 10am and 12 come to meet other parents, have a cuppa and a chat. At Markfield community centre, Markfield park, N15 4RB
    • Other local parent support groups