Our Values

Our vision

A world where disabled, Deaf and autistic people are treated as equals, have a voice and can live the life they want.

Our purpose

  • To enable disabled, Deaf and autistic people to be themselves, take risks and live life to the full

  • To focus on the needs of the whole family and break down isolation

  • To promote respect of disabled, Deaf and autistic people and support their full participation in society

Our values

  • Inclusive: We are for disabled and non-disabled people

  • Innovative: We explore new ideas

  • Empowering: We enable participation

  • Connected: We are part of our community

This has been an exciting year as we have carried out a strategic review to develop our goals for the next five years. We have consulted with children, young people, adults, parents/carers, staff, volunteers, our trustees, funders and partners. We have reviewed our purpose and values to make sure they reflect what is important to people at Markfield.

“It’s like an adventure!”