Donate or Fundraise

Donations are always welcome, big or small! Every donation helps us in our mission to build a more inclusive future with the local community.

Our top priorities for fundraising for this year are:

  • £250 – for Summer Playscheme activities at Markfield
  • £10,000 – towards the cost of installing a  sensory room at the Markfield community centre.

Simply click the ‘Donate’ button above to go through to our Just Giving page

Alternatively you can send a cheque to ‘The Markfield Project Ltd’, or via bank transfer. If you are interested in supporting a particular aspect of our work please send a covering letter letting us know how you want us to spend the money. For more information contact us:

Telephone 0208 800 4134

Email :

Fun ways to fundraise!

If you have a passion or skill it could be used to help fundraise for Markfield. For example a sponsored run, cake sale and bike auction are great ways people have raised money for our projects before.

Please contact our administrator if you are interested in fundraising for us.

Telephone 0208 800 4134


“We rely on and are incredibly grateful to all of our funders and donors – whose generous support enables us to continue to provide much-needed services to children, adults and families, and to continually innovate to meet the changing needs of our community”.
Sarah Miller, Director