In recent days it has been inspiring to see the upsurge in the  Black Lives Matter  movement. In Haringey over a thousand residents have already taken part in a number of peaceful, socially-distanced anti-racist protests all over the borough.

Markfield is proud to be part of the wonderfully diverse Haringey community, and to stand in solidarity with all who oppose racism and injustice.

The central purpose of our charity is to work for a more equal society. In our day-to-day work we see the divisive effects of racism and inequality in our community – such as the disproportionate school exclusions of Black and Minority Ethnic children, and the savage impact of the immigration system on migrant families.

The  Black Lives Matter  movement has inspired us to continue and re-double our efforts to oppose racism in all our work, including reviewing the policies and practices in our own organisation, striving to ensure that we live up to our values of anti-racism.