The following poem was written by the parent of a child who has used and benefited from Markfield’s services for a number of years.


POEM WRITTEN BY Michelle Safo on the 7th December 2016 at 1:15pm
Mother of McKenzie Safo who has Autism

My Son runs around and flaps with glee, no one stares at me judgmentally
He is free to roam, as if he is in the safety of his own home
Prance and Jump, Swirl and Romp,  Spin and twirl, to your hearts delight – You see All here understand your Plight.
Free to be You my Courageous Son to Dance and Twirl till the Day is Done
Markfield is Here to impart Care , They will not Stare there is no Condemnation Here!
They will Embrace you my Genius Son, they understand the Plight of you Mum.
They see a Family Who need Support, they will Not construct Damming Reports.
They Know your Journey will be long so they have Strategized along.
Advocacy,  Befriending, Play schemes  are all but a few, of the many facilities provided for vulnerable children such as YOU.
They want you to Soar and reach your full potential Son, Markfield  is the guiding light which will Steer you along.
You are Safe my Son,   you see  here, All they want to do is embrace you with Loving CARE.
They Know your name McKenzie! Yes McKenzie not Autism, that will Not define you here All they see is your Authentic Flare. They will direct you to know where your Gifts will be graded High and not Low
Markfield the Magnet captivates us because we are drawn to the Light and Special Love.
This Love and Acceptance helps Haringey Families Stand and Shine, up and
Above all our Struggles and Despair, with a damming system which appears to be designed to keep us here in despair .
Markfield the Magnet Thank You form the Bottom of my Heart, what you have shown myself and my family will NEVER Depart from our Hearts