We are the Cosmos Rainbow Sunshine Club and the people on the cosmos club are very friendly and they are very polite.

We like doing gardening and we like to plant lots of flowers in the garden. We have planted sweetcorn, potatoes, marigold and red flowers, onions, mint, basil and leeks. We have made it more colourful and made it smell nicer and we have made it look more beautiful. We feel very happy and excited that we are doing gardening at the Cosmos club. We all like doing the gardening so that everyone at Markfield can enjoy it.

We like doing make up and nails and we also like dancing. We feel very happy to have our nails done because it makes all of us feel very pretty and beautiful.

We all like listening to music because it is very good music to listen to and it makes all of us very happy. We like dancing because we like moving to the sound of the music.

At the end of the session we do relaxation where we all sit with our eyes closed and listen to relaxing music. We also get a shoulder massage if we want.

The cosmos rainbow sunshine club is fun!

Places are available now on Cosmos Club  – one of Markfield’s clubs for adults who have a learning disability or autism. The club sessions are on Tuesdays from 10.30am to 3pm. We can provide minibus transport to and from the club. Sessions can be paid for from your Individual Personal Budget – the cost depends on how much support you need -please contact us to find out more!