Thank you to each and every one of you who attended our Halloween and Bonfire parties! You all helped to make them a great success raising £373.75 in vital funds for our playground builds. We hope to be able to build some new additions to the playground over the next year. Most importantly it was a chance for us to come together as a community, to share a warm drink, a marshmallow and some good chat.

Halloween Party

It was the first time we’ve had a Halloween party so it was lots of fun to see all of the children dressed up, exploring the playground in the dark, dancing away and carving some spooky and messy pumpkins. We particularly loved to see the children playing together dancing with the balloons to party tunes!

Bonfire Party

The Bonfire party, a regular over the past few years, was so lovely despite the attempts at rain. Thankfully rain doesn’t stop us! Our bonfire has always been such a good spot to come together so it was so lovely to have so many of you share that with us. Big shout out to our young people volunteering to help on the door, make the fire and hand out marshmallows. We particularly loved seeing parents trusting their children to help with the fire, toast their own marshmallow and light their sparklers. At Markfield we value risk taking and we know that if you trust children and teach them how to manage risk, they are often more than capable of keeping themselves safe.


It was really lovely to hear all of your feedback and the request for more events. We love any feedback so please do complete our current survey to tell us what you want or need. We want your ideas to shape how Markfield works for you in the future in our strategic plan. Markfield Strategic Plan Survey- PLEASE TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!

Both events were the ideas of young people who attend Markfield. The bonfire party was first introduced many years ago by our IYA group (the Independent Young Advisors) who decided they needed more opportunities to socialise. The IYA are a group of disabled young people and siblings who give their opinions and shape the way we work at Markfield. We will soon be recruiting new members – so keep your eyes peeled about how to join this youth leadership steering group. The Halloween party was the idea of the young people that attend our Open Access Monday drop in session. We are so proud to have such amazing young people sharing their creativity with us to ensure the needs of young people can be met.

Thank you!

Lastly some massive thank you shout-outs to the wonderful companies that supported us through donations.

  • Craving Coffee , our neighbours on Markfield Road who donated tasty drinks. Check them out for some seriously good coffee!
  • The very fun Cammas Hall fruit picking farm who donated a trolley full of pumpkins. They do wonderful SEND sessions across the year so well worth a look.
  • Rewild, a beautiful florist in Archway for loaning us their gazebo so the parents could shelter from the rain.
  • Our local Morrisons donated a gift card towards refreshments for families.
  • Our local Sainsbury’s also donated some pumpkins.
  • And lastly, TFL Scaffolding who donated all the wood for our bonfire.

If you would like to sponsor one of our future events or donate items then please do get in touch with